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Friday, 25 January 2013

This Week...

Photos from the last week (or so)
snapped on my phone.

1. The snow was deep enough for...

2. Sledging in Woodthorpe Park. Hooray!

3. And of course, our sledges are PINK.

4. My latest Freecycle find. It even has a little ledge 
that pulls out from above the drawers. 
A proper Teacher's Desk. 
Thank You Freecycle.

5. A cup of coffee and a little read of this
While I waited on Molly who was at a party here.

6. Sledging to school.

7. Icicles on our house. Brrr!

8. Stamping more of these.

10. There's some great graffiti on our walk to school,

11. if you know where to look.

12. Molly built a robot.

13. Maisy bought her first piece of band merchandise.

14. Making these for a customer in Texas.


  1. It was a great day! Very exciting to wake up to snow deep enough to sledge in!