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Friday, 18 January 2013

This Week....

Photos from the last week (or so)
snapped on my phone.
1. The Hall. Definitely the next project after The Bathroom.

2. More little packets arriving in the post 
full of supplies for this week's, making list.

3. Hand stamping HUNDREDS of tiny bags.

4. Hand punching MILLIONS of tiny hearts.  
I think I have an RSI on my wrist.

5. Stamping hundreds of tags....

6. be clipped to the top of these bags
to make these.

7. It snowed on Sunday night.

8. On the very week that the car was in the garage.

9. So there was lots of walking trudging.

10. But it does look beautiful.

11. More confetti bags, but this time with circles instead of hearts.

12. I fell over just after taking this photo of the morning sky. 
Right in front of a huge queue of traffic.
Classy. Molly was mortified.

13. Stocking the shop full of Valentines goodies.

14. There's some great graffiti on our way to school. 
I get confused spelling graffiti and confetti. Every time.

14. Lots of admin and desk clearing.


  1. I wish we had more than just chipboard under our stair carpet as I would rip it up!

    1. I think we might be able to get away with sanding and painting or staining the wood, as don't think our budget will stretch to a new carpet just yet!