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Friday, 17 August 2012

How to Make Felt Bunting

You will need:

brightly coloured felt
black felt
fabric glue
letter templates
a triangle template
ric-rac braiding, ribbon or binding tape
a sewing machine or needle and cotton if you prefer to hand sew.

How to Make Your Felt Bunting:

1. Cut out lots of brightly coloured felt triangles.
 (I used a cardboard template to help keep the triangles the same size.)

2. Print and cut out some letter templates in a font and size of your choice.
( I printed the letters onto paper, but thin card would work better if your printer can cope with it!)

3. Using a stick of chalk, (or proper dressmaking chalk if you have some) trace around the letters onto the black felt.

4. Cut out the felt letters and attach onto the triangles using fabric glue.

5. Pin the triangles onto a length of ric-rac brading, or brightly coloured ribbon or binding tape.

6. Stitch (hand or machine) along the length of the ribbon, leaving a bit extra length at each end for hanging.

7. Hang up your bunting and enjoy!

Easy Peasy!


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