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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village (home of the National Tramway Museum) 
is quite close to Rivendale, where we camped last week, 
and as I'd heard good things about it
 we thought we'd go along for a visit.

When we arrived we were given an old penny to pay the conductor our tram fare, and we exchanged these for a ticket that we could use use all day.

Trams run from Town End, calling at stops along the mile long track, where they finish at Glory Mine.

We laughed when we saw where some of the trams were from...

...I wonder how many 'weegies' had to cough up their forty shillings?

Many of the buildings along the street have been rescued from towns and cities across the UK, such as the Derby Assembly Rooms fa├žade which came to Crich after a tragic fire. The Red Lion Pub and Restaurant came all the way from Stoke and was re-built brick by brick.

Sweets from Barnett's Traditional Sweet Shop... 

During the Summer holidays, there is a whole programme of activities in the Learning Centre.

We caught the tram right to the end of the line,
and got off so that we could walk back throught the woods.

The woodland walk was gorgeous, with lots of sculptures and structures and benches dotted along the way.

We even saw the sculptor at work with his chain-saw!

The views over the Derwent Valley are amazing!


We'd a great afternoon at Crich, and as our tickets are valid for a whole year, we'll definitely be back !


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